FedEx Ground On-Line Battery Shipping Course 2020

If your employees are involved in the transport of hazardous materials, more specifically battery shipments, then they are required to receive proper training. FedEx Ground uses specific procedures in order to ensure hazardous materials are prepared and shipped safely. That's why we've developed this easy, affordable way for you to help give your hazardous materials employees the training they need. This training program introduces employees to the basic hazardous materials concepts and terminology they need to know. It also provides tools for making sure they follow the correct procedures when shipping hazardous materials, with a specific focus on preparing shipments of batteries via FedEx Ground. 

FedEx Ground’s Ship Safe, Ship Smart Battery shipping course covers the following topics: 

  • Hazardous Materials General Awareness
  • Lithium Battery Basics
  • Shipping Excepted Lithium Batteries
  • Shipping Fully Regulated Lithium Batteries
  • Spillable and Nonspillable Battery Shipments
  • Security Awareness and Emergency Response

Intended Audience
All employees whose jobs involve preparing hazardous materials battery shipments via FedEx Ground. 

Regulations covered
 49 CFR Part 172 

 Approximately 2 hours 

After completing this course, your employees will be able to:  

  • Identify hazardous materials, including the different types of batteries that your company handles
  • Use the FedEx Ground Hazardous Materials Shipping Guide
  • Properly complete FedEx Ground shipping papers for different types of battery shipments
  • Select the proper packaging for hazardous materials battery shipments
  • Properly mark or label hazardous material battery shipments
  • Recognize potential security threats within your company
  • Know what to do in case of an emergency

***This Course Expires 6 Months After Purchase***


Discounts apply for purchasing in volume making it easy and affordable to provide the course to members of your team. 

Volume Pricing
1 - 2 seats $150.00 per seat
3 - 7 seats $100.00 per seat
8 - 24 seats $75.00 per seat
25 Plus seats $50.00 per seat


Please be advised if "Myself Only" is chosen you will not be provided registration codes to distribute.

FedEx Battery $150.00